Welcome to Windows into Wyoming

Photos from the heart…

My photographs separate me from other photographers, as I try to touch the hand of nature through the lens. That difference is the deep emotion I put into each and every photo I take, as my images echo the love I have for nature and the beauty I capture in film. From the deserts that makeup the Wyoming Badlands to the snow-capped mountains, I freeze the moment in time to share with others. I'm passionate about my photography and have traveled 75,000 miles through Wyoming, down the little used backroads and forgotten corners, to capture the hidden treasures of Wyoming and the beauty this state has to offer. I've also added bits and pieces of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri on my gallery. During my travels of Wyoming, I’ve captured the hidden corners of this beautiful state, from the majestic towering Tetons near Jackson to deserts of central & eastern Wyoming. I'm in the process of composing a table top photography book, to share my travels with others.

I'm passionate about my photography and strive to capture life’s emotion as it happens, whether it is the action of the rodeo or the treasured moment of a newborn babe.

As you view my treasured photos in my galleries, you'll see my heart in each photo. Through my viewfinder, I capture the intimacy, love and curiosity being felt during the most cherished moments. Working in a documentary style allows me to capture each moment, in a casual and natural state, seizing the spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment photos that capture the true emotion.

I use my cameras to capture life’s emotion as it materializes. From lightening that shakes the horizon at midnight to the snow covered landscape of Jackson, Wyoming. My photographs draw you in to experience the love I have for my work. Photography is more then my profession, it’s my art, my heart & soul; it’s a part of who I am.

I attended art school for three years, worked as a layout artist in Montana on a number of different magazines and later was employed teaching watercolor and lettering through Northwest College, located in Powell, Wyoming. Twenty-one (21)years ago I became a photographer, when our children were young. I'm married, eith three wonderful children and seven beautiful grandchildren. My family is my love, my joy, my life. I've been so blessed with having a beautiful family and the gift the Good Lord gave me with my photography, to share with others. Please enjoy my photos, as they have come from my heart.


Original Photo Greeting Cards with envelope, display stunning mountain landscapes, floral and wildlife. Some cards come with inspirational quotes, numerous colors and/or designs. The high quality cards arrive in gift boxes adored with a gold ribbon. Single cards and envelopes come protected in a clear gallery envelope to protect your purchase. I've been blessed to have won numerous awards, including Best of Shows, a large number of publications in numerous magazines and awarded the cover of over a dozen phonebook covers in numerous states. The five by seven (5 x7) Photo Cards can also be framed.